Frequently Asked Questions

My cassette isn’t cutting through all the strips.  What can I do?


“Use a crescent wrench or a ratchet and tighten the nuts on the outside of your blade TOWARD you.  Do it just a hair at a time on each one, starting with the top nut – a very small adjustment on the nut will make a big difference.  Adjust a bit, then test, then adjust, because you don’t want to over-tighten it.”


What if my first strip is narrower/wider than the rest of the strips?


What is the most popular cassette combination?


What is included in the TS1000 Cutter Assembly?


Does the Cassette Case (TS79103) accommodate both standard size and long (Kitmaker) size cassettes?


Do I need to sharpen the cassettes?


Is there a warranty on Bee Line Art Tools equipment?


What if my old Townsend product needs repair?